Powering employee mental health through
just-in-time interventions

How it works

Passive mental health measurement

Our technology can help employers keep track of their teams’ mental wellness and productivity capacity.

When we detect a change in mental health, we nudge individuals with an intervention based on their health plan and on existing employee resources.

By tracking team energy, focus, and capacity levels, we can help objectively measure ROI on wellness spending and help you better support your teams.


LivNao can help employees:

  • Understand their mental wellbeing by highlighting key drivers
  • Increase engagement with available resources
  • Live a healthier lifestyle


    With LivNao, organizations can:

    • Measure the efficacy of existing health and wellness programs
    • Gain insight on where your workforce may need more support
    • Decrease disability and workers compensation claims caused or extended by mental health

    What challenges
    can LivNao
    solve for you?