Auto-pilot reduction of
claim costs and volumes

What our tech can do

LivNao’s patent-pending technology can help insurance carriers drive point solution impact and utilization through personalized just-in-time interventions.

Reduce claim costs

With our technology and behavioral nudges, insurance carriers can:

  • Promote healthier lifestyles
  • Lower cardiovascular disease risk
  • Help with early detection and prevention of mental illness

Boost engagement

LivNao can help drive efficacy and engagement to your existing digital platforms by providing answers to questions like:

  • What activities affect anxiety resiliency?
  • What interventions can improve mental health?
  • How is COVID-19 affecting mental health and utilization?

Build on our technical
capabilities to expand yours

Through our Android/iOS SDK and API, we can integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructures and plug right into your ecosystem.

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