Redefining mental health management through precise and preventative care.

Passive mental health measurement at your fingertips.

For Employers

When we detect a change in mental health, we nudge individuals with a just-in-time intervention based on their personal health plan and existing services.



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For Insurance Carriers

Early-detection and automated prevention management helps decrease claim costs, volume, and long-term costs while boosting policyholder engagement.



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For Clinical & Research

Our patent-pending technology can help you passively measure GAD-7, PHQ-9, and PSS psychiatric scores without manual patient questionnaires or user input.



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Why LivNao?

Prevention is the best cure

Our deep learning model detects deviation before performance is affected.

0% input, 100% passive

All data is collected passively—that means zero user input is needed

Committed to your privacy

We believe your data should stay yours. LivNao is also 100% HIPAA-compliant.



LivNao combines smartphone sensor data and AI to provide just-in-time behavioral nudges
to help improve mental health.

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